Start Your PSA Grading UK Submission

Watch me before following the steps below to get your cards PSA Graded

Step 1: Submitting your cards for PSA Grading

Before posting your cards, please ensure you have indicated your intent to submit with us below. It is also advised to check when our next deadline has been set for, found under our Services page.

Any queries please contact:

Step 2: Preparing your cards for PSA Grading

The best way for you to prepare your cards for sending is by using a clear ultra pro soft sleeve & a semi rigid holder (any brand).
If you do not have access to semi rigid holders, then Toploaders may be used.
Please DO NOT:

Orders may be returned should excessive protective measures be used which would result in the unnecessary handling of cards.

Image showing that the best format to send cards into PSA Grading UK is to have them in a Semi-rigid holder with a soft sleeve, and not toploaders with Tape


Prior to sealing up your package, please place a slip of paper inside which includes the following information.

Or download our submission slip here and include in your package:

Step 4: Send in your submission FOR PSA GRADING

Please use a tracked delivery service via Royal Mail ONLY

Collectable Power LTD
PO Box 454
RH15 5FE
Collectable Power LTD are not responsible for packages until they are confirmed as arrived by a member of our team. A signature is NOT a proof of delivery. Please include return address & name on all packages to ensure safe return from Royal Mail should they not deliver.

Step 5: Paying for your submission FOR PSA GRADING

Payment is collected once your cards have been graded at PSA. There are ZERO upfront charges or costs, ensuring that you pay for YOUR cards.

Once graded, we will ask for you to confirm your delivery address, allowing us to issue your invoice, collecting grading fee charges and return shipping fees. 

Additional Charges* (Upcharges)

Once your cards have been graded by PSA, certain cards may be subject to additional charges if the graded value of a card exceeds the maximum declared value for the tier submitted on. Collectable Power will pass these additional charges on at the price PSA charge +4%. The 4% is charged to cover conversion fees to pay these charges including additional admin on our end.

Upcharges will be calculated when a submission enters Quality Check 2 staging. It is not possible for us to predict additional charges prior to sending your cards into PSA, as upcharges are impacted hugely by the grade given by PSA. 

PSA will not penalize for sending on lower tiers, PSA will just pass on the cost difference between the tiers.