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1.2  The site is our proprietary property and all source code, databases, functionality, website designs, text, photographs and graphics on this site (collectively, the “content”) and the trademarks, service marks, and logos contained therein as (the “marks”) are owned or controlled by us or licensed to us. No part of the site and no content or marks may be copied, reproduced, aggregated, republished, uploaded, posted, publicly displayed, encoded, translated, transmitted, distributed or sold without our express prior written consent.



2.0    Collectable Power LTD will not be held responsible for packages that arrive damaged or are lost in transit before being confirmed as arrived by a member of our team via email and/or social media communication. A signature is not a confirmation of arrival.

2.1  Once your package has been confirmed as arrived by a member of our team and whilst your cards/items are with Collectable Power LTD prior to PSA dispatch, all cards/items are insured for NEAR MINT raw market value up to a maximum of £200.00 per card.

2.2  On route into PSA, all cards/items are insured for NEAR MINT raw market value up to a maximum of £200.00 per card. All cards are shipped via FedEx Express which usually takes 2 working days to arrive with PSA in California.

2.3  Once your cards/items reach PSA, all cards are insured for the value which we declare on the submission form. Maximum declared values which we’re able to state can be found below in point 2.4. This will be determined by the service level you choose your cards to be submitted on.

2.4   Any new bulk tier bought in by PSA Special/TCG Bulk – $199USD

Value Bulk, Value Plus Service Level – $499USD

Regular Service Level – $1,499USD

Express Service Level – $2,499USD

Super Express Service Level – $4,999USD

2.5  Once your cards/items have been dispatched from PSA, all cards remain insured for the value which we declare on the submission form, maximum declared values can be found above in section 2.4.

2.6  Once your graded cards/items have been dispatched from Collectable Power back to you, all cards are insured for their newly graded value up to a maximum of £200.00 per card. Tracked postal methods will always be used.

2.7    In the event of damage occurring to any card/item whilst at PSA, PSA will provide Collectable Power with a voucher up to the maximum declared value for the service level your card is submitted on. Collectable Power will then forward the compensation on to any affected submitter. Please note, that should PSA not acknowledge any damage taking place, then Collectable Power will not be held liable.

2.8    Should PSA deem a card to be recoloured, trimmed, or should they question a card/item’s authenticity, then PSA reserves the right to charge for the service, without encapsulation taking place. Collectable Power will continue to charge under these circumstances, as per PSA’s policy.

2.9    Should PSA opt not to grade a card/item due to the card/item not being listed within their registry, no charge will be applied to the submitter for said card(s)/item(s).

2.10 PSA’s say on grades will be final. Collectable Power will not be able to fight for any grade a client wishes to dispute.

2.11 PSA provides estimations, not guarantees regarding turnaround times. By submitting through our services, you understand that Collectable Power cannot be held responsible for how long a submission takes to complete. Estimated turnaround times can be subject to change at any time. Collectable Power will inform the client at the time of submitting the current estimation set out by PSA.



3.0  Payment for our services is requested at the end of the service. However, in the event that we deem that the valuation of your submission into Collectable Power LTD does not exceed in raw value the estimated cost of your service option, payment will be requested upfront. Should you not want to make payment prior to the service if requested we hold the right to terminate your use of the service and refuse any use of our services and return your items to you with an admin fee & return shipping cost covered in full.

3.1  Once your cards have been graded by PSA, unless previously discussed otherwise, payment will be due within 30 calendar days of an invoice being issued.

3.2    In the event of non-payment, cards will be liquidated until the cost of your bill has been covered. Any remaining cards will then be returned back to the owner(s) with a £49.00 admin fee applied to cover admin and shipping costs.

3.3    Should communication be cut off by the client and if we are left without a means of contact prior to liquidating cards, any additional cards left with us after the cost of invoice has been raised will become the property of Collectable Power LTD.

3.4    Should liquidation of your cards/items not cover the cost of the invoice, the submitter will be blacklisted from using our services.

3.5    By submitting through Collectable Power, you understand that PSA may add additional charges to your order at the end of the grading process. Any additional charges charged by PSA are passed onto the client by Collectable Power. Additional charges are passed on to the client at cost + 4% to cover the conversion fee to pay these charges, along with the additional admin required to process. See “How To Submit” for more information.



4.0  If you have any questions regarding any of the information found on this page, or any other page, please contact: grading@collectablepower.com, or write to us at Collectable Power LTD, PO Box 454, BURGESS HILL, RH15 5FE




PSA’s Customer Bill of Rights

Each customer of a PSA dealer is entitled to the following rights:

·         Written Receipt:
When the customer submits trading cards and/or other memorabilia to the dealer for grading by PSA, the dealer will provide the customer with a receipt identifying the submitted items.

·         Prompt Submission for Grading:
The items will then be promptly delivered to PSA (in no event later than thirty (30) days after the customer delivered the items to the dealer).

·         Proof of Submission:
The customer is entitled to receive, within thirty (30) days after the customer delivers the items to the dealer, a copy of the PSA invoice form prepared by the dealer for submission to PSA.

·         Financial Responsibility:
The dealer will ensure that funds paid by the customer are secure and available to be applied once PSA has completed the processing of the order.

·         Prompt Return After Grading:
The dealer will promptly return the customer’s graded and encapsulated items to the customer within ten (10) days after the dealer receives them from PSA, unless directed otherwise by the customer.

·         Careful Handling:
The customer’s items will be returned to the customer in the same condition they were in when the customer delivered them to the dealer.

·         Courteous, Honest Service:
Each dealer will at all times give the customer prompt, courteous and efficient service, and, in all of the dealer’s transactions with the customer, will observe the highest standards of honesty, integrity, fair dealing and ethical conduct.

The Customer Bill of Rights does not create a relationship between the customer and Collectors Universe and/or Collectors Universe’s division PSA (collectively “PSA”). The customer’s rights under the Customer Bill of Rights are held exclusively by the customer and are for the customer’s sole benefit. The customer is not an intended third party beneficiary of the Customer Bill of Rights. PSA’s policy is to not pursue, on behalf of a customer, the customer’s rights against dealers who violate the Customer Bill of Rights, or to pursue for the customer’s benefit (whether direct or indirect) a claim for a dealer’s violation of the Customer Bill of Rights . PSA’s obligations connected with, or arising out of, a dealer’s violation of the Customer Bill of Rights are limited solely to disciplining, suspending or terminating a dealer.